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A summer camp for Ukrainian Orthodox children ages 7-13

Green Grove President’s Report 2015

by admin - November 13th, 2015.
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Green Grove session 2015 was a successful camp for the 46 (25 girls / 21 boys) camper registrants. The initiatives applied, the challenges managed and the compliment received all define the positive experiences enjoyed by all.

This year we implemented a new idea of employing 2 Directors (Marnie Howlett and Meagan Gallagher) in order to provide more opportunities for mentorship for the younger staff and volunteer counselors. Both Directors worked well together and were extremely organized as evidenced by their extensive preparation prior to camp (i.e. pre-camp meetings with the counselors in May and June, ensuring counselor staff had their assigned crafts, activities, dance choreography and singing lists planned prior to orientation). This extensive preparation also reduced the amount of time needed for staff orientation.

Two educational classes were added to this year’s schedule. Feedback from previous years noted a desire for more language instruction. To address this need, a staff member with expertise in this area was hired. Reports from staff stated the campers were very engaged during language classes and believe, overall, the campers left camp with more knowledge of Ukrainian language than when they arrived. The second addition was “Culture Talks” which provided an opportunity for the campers to discuss Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian history and current events in Ukraine.

The number of staffing applications received were limited; in order to ensure the 2015 camp session progressed we secured the employment of 7 counselors and relied on a total of 7 volunteer counselors to provide assistance to the staff counselors. It is important to note, in addition to these 7 volunteers, we were fortunate to have the assistance of over 20 volunteers. These volunteers included family, friends and church family who helped with camp cleanup (before and after camp session), who provided assistance with the supervision of the campers, who worked on the grounds and in the kitchen, as well as, the Board members. Without these volunteers, camp may not have occurred. And for that a huge THANK-YOU to all who helped.

It is important I acknowledge Very Reverend Archpriest Peter Wasylenko and Very Reverend Fr. Bohdan Demczuk. Fr. Peter provided 24/7 Pastoral presence the first week; which was extremely helpful to the staff and ensured continual growth in the campers’ faith outside church and religion classes. Unfortunately, Sobor was scheduled the second week of camp and all local priests were required to attend Sobor; resulting in a Pastoral void at camp. Fortunately for our Green Grove family, Fr. Bohdan Demczuk adjusted his schedule and was able to accommodate our campers’ needs and attended camp on specific days to ensure continued attention of the religious needs of our campers.

On the final Sunday I received numerous comments on the positive experiences of the 2015 campers. I also received comments on how the campers were engaged and enjoyed the singing classes. As well as, how organized and enjoyable the final concert was. All these compliments reinforce, Green Grove camp session 2015 was a success. Thank-you to all.

Lesia Sorokan
President, Green Grove Board

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