Green Grove Camp

A summer camp for Ukrainian Orthodox children ages 7-13

Report for Ukrainian Orthodox Cultural Teen Program – August 16-23, 2015

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Green Grove Camp – Wakaw Lake, Saskatchewan

Our Mission – to bring Ukrainian young people (grades 9-12) together to learn more about their history, culture, Orthodox Religion and themselves.

Providing a connection to certain social values, beliefs, religion and customs, it allowed them to identify with others of similar mindsets and backgrounds. Cultural heritage can provide an automatic sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows us to better understand previous generations and the history of where we come from.

Though there was a small enrollment this year, the week was very successful at offering the youth new learning experiences, a stronger sense of culture and religion, as well as some fun activities like a slip-and-slide kickball game.

A special thanks to Rev. Fr. Michael Lomaszkiewicz, Rev. Fr. Patrick Powalinsky, and Rev. Fr. Charles Baxter for sharing your knowledge regarding Baptism and Chrismation, Christianity and Orthodoxy, as well as religious significance and learning about Easter, Christmas and the Sacrament of Marriage. Your guidance and approach was very much appreciated and we all enjoyed spending time with both of you in and out of sessions.

The staff consisted of two counsellors, Katherine Prytula and Connor Moen, and two in food services Terri-Lynn Kochan and Cheryl Beaudoin.

The syllabus was ambitious yet the focus was to try to offer recognizable and traditional topics, namely Easter, Christmas and wedding traditions. Some of the highlights included preparing the foods – the twelve dishes of Christmas Eve and making the dough and baking babka and paska for individual Easter baskets. Participants created personalized designs on white (rushnyky) basket covers . After the baskets were blessed everyone enjoyed the food for breakfast.

There were many supporters and helpers for this program, but special acknowledgment is necessary for a few who offered their assistance in different ways. Patty Boyenko and Leah Bellafontaine were welcome additions in food services, as were Lil Kochan and Natalie Kotelko. The experience and guidance from these ladies was greatly appreciated. As well, the baking of the babka and paska would not have been as successful without the help of ___________. A big thank you to Vicki Balon for sharing her myrtle plant, and allowing us to trim off branches to create a (vinok) wreathe for our wedding ceremony. As well, a large thank you to the board of directors at Green Grove Camp and those in the community who offered advice, suggestions, and guidance when necessary.

To all, Dyshe Dyakou.
Tammi Bohle, Director of Camp

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