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A summer camp for Ukrainian Orthodox children ages 7-13

Green Grove Presidents Report 2014

by admin - March 12th, 2015.
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Camp session took place from July 6-20, 2014. Once again we had a very successful year and were full and regretfully had to refuse some applicants. As always, the campers participated in many cultural activities including various crafts , singing and dancing as well as recreational activities including swimming and canoeing. Our director Jordan Wellbourne and assistant director Megan Gallagher, both returning for their second year, did an amazing job running camp this year.

This year our campers were treated to something extra special. Green Grove Camp celebrated their 65th anniversary and the celebrations were held at the end of camp session. As part of the program Metropolitan Yurij was invited to camp to deliver the Divine Liturgy. All of the campers participated in the service. Some served the 7 priests that attended the service while others scattered flower petals as Metropolitan Yurij entered and still others sang. It was a memorable experience for all and was once again followed by a final concert enjoyed by everyone.

There were many staff/ volunteer members ensuring a safe and fun-filled camp session. Female counselors Alanna Paulsen, Anastysia Klymenko, Ashley Kowalchuk, Megan Gallagher, Megan Rutherford, Mykaela Helmke, Olga Morozova, Riley Bohle, Shania Morrison-Baraniecki & Taylor Dawiskiba looked after the girls cabins. Male counselors/volunteer Marek Pshebylo, Mark Jones, Michael Lomaskiewicz, Rychel Smith & Vladyslav Managarov looked after the boys cabins.

Of course we cannot forget our kitchen staff/volunteers that prepared all the wonderful food for the 2 week session. Michelle Hudon, Cindy Didula, Terri-Lynn Kochan, Nancy Litwin, Cheryl Beaudoin, Camille Yuzik, Donna Zaleschuk, Marian Yuzda, Kathy Yuzda & Stefania Luciuk. Our maintenance was looked after by John Didula and George Wing.

Another successful year would not be possible without our countless volunteers. Their names and their contributions are too numerous to mention without surely forgetting somebody or something. Whether it was an hour, a day, a week or more of somebody’s time it is all recognized and appreciated. As well as all of the other contributions both monetary and other. You have all helped us a great deal.

A final word to the work of the board. Secretary Rob Sholter, treasurer Irene Yurashak, Maintenance Ben Hladun and Mike Kotelko, Rentals Cheryl Kotelko, Advertising Corinne Wachniak and Tammy Allan, Fundraising Andrew Kasowski and our 2 members at large, Vicki Balon and Peter Yuzik. Thanks to everyone for the commitment you have made to Green Grove.

Of course we thank the priests of the Saskatoon Mission District for any assistance they provided.
Very Rev. Archpriest Taras Makowsky (Dean) and Rev. Fr. Patrick Powalinsky who each took one week of religious lessons at camp. Very Rev. Fr. Taras Udod , Vice-Chair of the Presidium of the Consistory, Very Rev. Fr. Roman Kocur and Rev. Fr. Michael Lomaszkiewicz for promoting the camp to all their parishes.

We have been truly blessed to have the support of so many people to keep Green Grove Camp running for all of these years. We hope that this support continues to that future generations are able to enjoy this amazing place.

Cheryl Carlson
Acting President
Green Grove Camp 2014

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