Green Grove Camp

A summer camp for Ukrainian Orthodox children ages 7-13

Green Grove 65th Anniversary (1949-2014)

From July 18-20, 2014, approximately 100 alumni joined together with Green Grove Camp campers to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the camp. Although the land was purchased on October 12, 1947, Green Grove Camp opened to Ukrainian Canadian Youth for the first camp session on July 3, 1949, with over 3000 Ukrainian-Canadians from three prairie provinces on site. This year the weekend was a celebration of 65 camp sessions

The registered alumni, from all decades including the 1950’s to the 2000’s, celebrated the weekend with several activities. Memorabilia and photos were set up to view in the old school house (Sniatyn one room school house that was moved to the camp from the St. Julien area in 1964). Tables of pictures dating from 1947 to camp session of 2013 were displayed along with archived items of camp. The alumni were given a guided tour by Reece Smith and Mykaela Helmke that included some of the newer additions to the camp such as the log cabin, a cabin donated by Adele and Gord Trischuk, and the amphitheatre up on the hillside. Campfire songs were led by Brenda Semenoff (Balon) with Jordan Welbourne (the camp director) playing his guitar. Many stories of the past were told in the beer gardens as laughter could be heard across the lake!

Saturday morning, His Eminence Metropolitan Yurij was greeted by the campers and alumni with a kolach and salt. His Eminence participated in events such as the singing and the evening banquet (catered by Patty’s Catering). Metropolitan Yurij said opening prayer and spoke about the importance of supporting the camp and maintaining the Ukrainian culture with our youth. Alumni sang a song together, Gerald Luciuk acted as guest speaker, and Natalie Maruschak read a poem titled “Прощанням з Зеленим Гайєм”. Anne Klopoushak presented Irene Yurashak with a painting Irene had done back in the 1950’s when Irene was a young camper. Irene was also recognized for six years of hard work and commitment to the camp! Linda Balon-Smith, the chair of the 65th, read a speech written by Stan Klopoushak when he was director in 1957. The evening closed with a 20 minute power point created by Linda Balon-Smith and Tammi Bohle, then later a fireworks display was enjoyed by the campers and alumni.

Sunday’s events were attended by approximately 400 people. Metropolitan Yurij, along with Father Lomaszkiewicz, Father Makowsky, Father Powalinsky, Father Udod, Father Kocur, Father Demczuk and Father Baxter served at the final Sunday’s church service along with several altar boys. Ivan Saviak and BJ Maskal were sub-deacons. Larry Klopoushak led the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity choir to sing the Divine Liturgy. During the final concert, Anne Ewanchuk shared some memories of camp back in the 50’s. The alumni were asked to gather with all the campers and join in the singing of “Oй y вишневому садочку” and “Oй чорна я си чорна” then closed the camp with “Де згода в рoдині” around the flag pole.

“Де згода в рoдині” (English translation)

There’s harmony in a family, with peace and tranquility. And fortunate are the people, in a life with integrity. God blesses them forever, with health and prosperity. He dwells within their hearts, for all eternity.

The committee consisted of:

  • Linda Balon-Smith – chair
  • Steve Wojcichowsky – bar and tent rental
  • Suzanne Skwarchuk – registration bag donations, t-shirts Tammi Bohle – power-point & advertising
  • Irene Yurashak – registration
  • Stan and Anne Klopoushak – advisors
  • Vickie Balon- archives (pictures) & food

The committee would like to thank the following supporters for their generous donations:

  • Registration Bags:
    • Dr. Wes Antosh and Associates – Saskatoon Smiles
    • Saskatoon Tourism
    • Ukrainian Museum of Canada (Saskatoon)
    • Warman Dental
    • Rayner Agencies
  • Porta-potties, generator, and grill: Sheryl and Mike Kotelko
  • Cabin for the Metropolitan: Maruschak family
  • Shelby Drilling Services Inc.: pop & water (David Wojcichowsky)
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity: chairs
  • High Style Floral Design – presentation bouquets (Sonia Luciuk)
  • Maple Leaf Foods (smokies)
  • Kap’s Construction (corporate playground sponsor): flower arrangement

A very special thank-you goes out to those who dedicated time and effort in helping with the 65th Anniversary celebration.

  • The camp cooks Cindy Didula, Michelle Hudon, Terri-Lynn Kochan and Nancy Litwin for working together with the 65th volunteers.
  • Volunteers in the camp kitchen
  • The camp counsellors
  • The Green Grove Board members
  • Ihor Kodak – photographer
  • The mission district parishes who donated food or money towards food.
  • The five mission district priests for helping advertise the event.

Items for sale:

  1. HistoryYearbook:$45
  2. HistoryPowerpoint:$10
  3. 2014Powerpoint:$10
  4. Registrationgoodiesbags:$5

*Call Linda Balon-Smith if you are interested @ 306-683-0062.